Maan has a clear VISION to be leader in the field of Environmental technologies in India. The company has a group of professionals who have led different sectors of environmental technologies particularly related to waste management. There is lot to be done in the field so owing to our expertise and exposure in this field we target working for development of renewable energy and environmental conservation. As rdf drying plants manufacturers we are committed to deliver our best to our clients in the field of Energy, Environment & Engineering. The Maan team understands customer requirements and is always ready to adopt innovative and advanced technologies.

Our Vision

Resource conservation is the need of the hour. Energy & environment are the supreme global concern. Maan aims to provide authentic & innovative solutions in these fields.

Our Mission

With tag line of “Passion for Innovation to implementation” Maan aims to be a leader in its field and is committed to continuous upgradation along with in-house research credentials and developments to provide the latest & most efficient technologies to its clients.


Maan Enviro Technologies holds expertise in processing industries of various types. With our working experience of 5 decades we provide authentic solutions in the field of Screening , Conveying , Grinding , Cleaning drying etc. Maan Enviro is backed by a team which has an experience of active designing various processing systems based on customer requirements and also has a line of fresh management to interweave new ideas with polished experience.

Promoter of Maan Enviro is a Co-Founder of the Legendary Group Monica Processing Plants- the pioneer company in the field of municipal solid waste management in India.


Maan Enviro was founded in 2001 with the aim of providing engineering consultancy in various process industries. Several years were spent in understanding industry requirements and exploring different possibilities in the field. In 2009, the company came up with a defined spectrum of job profile and now has a vast knowledge base with real ground work and solutions to specific industry requirements.

The main area of expertise is the field of MSW processing and we provide all the latest technologies suitable as per specific requirements to our clients. By maintaining our principles of integrity, commitment and quality we are able to win full confidence of our clients and deliver what we commit.


Municipal Solid Waste Management

  • MSW To Compost Plants
  • RDF Projects
  • MSW Transfer Stations
  • Material Presort Facility
  • Material Recovery Facility
  • Yard Management Equipments
  • Specilized Compost Turners

Renewable Energy

  • RDF Projects
  • Bio Gas Projects
  • WTE Plants

Food Processing Industry

  • Grain Processing
  • Energy Food Plant
  • Grain Roasting
  • Destoner Units
  • Drying

Customised SPM

  • Grinding Systems
  • Drying Systems
  • Screening Systems
  • Grading System
  • Sorting Systems


Our team consists of people who offer an exclusive combination of
  • Hard earned experience of more than three decades.
  • Young enthusiastic execution team of professionals.
  • Trained field team to give all ground support.
  • A strong advisory panel of experts in the field of MSW processing from India.
  • A group of associates working in different ancillary fields to provide complete solution in MSW processing


  • Over 50,000 sq.ft. of Area.
  • Latest machining & manufacturing facility.
  • Fully equipped office with In House design capabilities.
  • Fully equipped quality control department.